We help

We help owners of high traffic websites to create a full-fledged service that hundreds of thousands of users will have access to.We build long-term relationships with our partners.

Our experience

Our experienced project managers monitor all the operational processes on a daily basis, while the structured work order and the set going allocation of responsibilities among the working teams will provide for monitoring alterations in the dynamics of the project, as well as timely responding to them in accordance with the established plan on the project development.

Financial information

Our clients have access to all statistical data, including operational and financial information regarding the implementation of their projects. We work as transparently as possible and insist on our partners being steadily informed about the progress of the projects implementation.

Our activity

Data processing

Our company provides services for data processing, posting information on websites and other attendant activities. We will ensure the resolution of all the tasks related to the daily administrative services provision, as well as those related to call center services.

Information support

Our computerized call centers specialists will take over the tasks related to distribution of phone calls and their processing, provision of reference information on the currently rendered services at customers' requests, information support in questions as to the services rendering, as well as processing and responding to clients’ complaints.